AN (edited) HISTORY OF (my) STUSSY Tees collection!

A few years ago I started dropping old clothes at Oxfam rather than just throwing them out. Those of you who know me will know that this means that the Oxfam in Dalston at times looked like a second hand Stussy chapter!

I still loved these Tees, but they’d become faded or mis-shaped after more than regular wear, so I decided to keep a record by photographing them before putting them in the black bin bag and dropping them off at the shop, a short walk down Kingsland High Street.

And so now I present a collage of a few of them. If I’d done this when I first started rocking Stussy and included hoodies, sweats, shirts & shorts etc, there’d be a fair few more albums than this, but here’s a most recent compilation! So far…..

One thought on “AN (edited) HISTORY OF (my) STUSSY Tees collection!

  1. Nice collection there, I did a similar thing to you by taking my old tees to a carboot sale, found a couple of them I’d kept and wore them this summer and really regretted selling the others.

    Hey ho

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