Eddie Vedder, Hammersmith Apollo. Tuesday 31st July 2012.

I was lucky enough to go and see Pearl Jam frontman, Eddie Vedder’s solo show at the Hammersmith Apollo last Tuesday. (I actually went on the Monday thinking my tickets were for that night, but that’s another story!)

It was an amazing gig, during which he played a compilation of solo material, Pearl Jam songs and a handful of covers. He was also joined at different points during the evening by Glen Hansard (The Frames), Neil Finn (Crowded House, Split Endz) and Roger Daltrey (The Who).

Here’s a few pictures I took on the night and the setlist below, courtesy of http://grungereport.net/?p=13232


01. Sometimes

02. Picture In A Frame-(Kathleen Brennan/Tom Waits)

03. Just Breathe

04. Thumbing My Way

05. Can’t Keep

06. Without You

07. Satellite

08. You’re True

09. Driftin’

10. Unthought Known

11. No Ceiling

12. Far Behind

13. Guaranteed

14. Rise

15. Long Nights w/ Glen Hansard

16. Man Of The Hour

17. Masters Of War-(Dylan)

18. Porch

19. I’m One-(Townshend)

20. Parting Ways

21. Society w/ Glen Hansard-(Jerry Hannan)

22. Sleepless Nights w/ Glen Hansard-(Boudleaux Bryant, Felice Bryant)

23. Falling Slowly w/ Glen Hansard-(Hansard, Irglová)

24. Throw Your Arms Around Me w/ Neil Finn-(Archer, Falconer, Howard, Mills, Seymour, Smith, Waters)

25. Blue, Red and Grey w/ Roger Daltrey singing and playing ukulele-(Townshend)

26. Naked Eye w/ Roger Daltrey-(Townshend)

27. Hard Sun w/ Neil Finn, Elroy Finn, Myles Robinson(sp), Glen Hansard and others-(Peterson)

28. So You Want To Be A Rock And Roll Star w/ Neil Finn, Elroy Finn, Glen Hansard, Miles Robinson(sp)-(Hillman. McGuinn)

29. Dream A Little Dream-(Gus Kahn, Wilbur Schwandt, Fabian Andree)

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